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4 Reasons why I want to have a Probek Year.

I went to the university with a little idea that I was going to study, and I decided a few hours before the deadline for confirmation. Going to college was just too big, I didn’ t think I had another option. I mean, that’s what I seem to have worked for my whole life. And I threw myself at him. I sat at my desk and looked at the laptop, and almost decided on a completely different issue than what I am now chasing. While this is a good idea to regret my life decisions, I cannot be surprised at

If you are not familiar with this term, it is, in fact, a year after high school to pursue other interests, such as work.

I can continue to wonder, although I cannot change the past. Nevertheless, I can help you with the choice of a future life. Whether you think you’re a year of a blank or not, there are several reasons why I think that taking a year from the year is probably a good idea …

1. More Time To Research.

I knew that I wanted to study English literature, but I had no idea what I could do with a degree. All I knew was that I would read books and then talk about them.

If I had a year, I would have had time to study and study what my choice had to offer. I wouldn’t have had two years to find my second major. I wouldn’t have had to enrol in summer school, and in the course of the last year, I would have taken full account of my course. Having some time and space before being admitted to the post-secondary, I would offer an opportunity to take a closer look at what I have received. Getting the right time can significantly change the situation and, in turn, save much more time …

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2. More Time, General.

Time was a real struggle in the first year of my university studies. I have always felt that between fast approaching deadlines, pendulus and late-night study, from time to time it elujated me. Due to the predictability of the high school student, I felt the craving for a four-page essay on a bus just minutes before it was caused by a true story. I rarely had time to practice my hobbies or participate in extracurricular activities. I was too late to join the student clubs, and I was hardly involved in any meetings …

Everything was so fast …A frightening year is perhaps the time it takes to get into the painting, join the softball team or catch up with Netflix. Then, when you start your first semester, you can feel a little more relaxed than you arrive home from a family trip in three days before the beginning of class (another true story) ..

3. More Time To Make Money.

I didn’ t work this summer to the university because I believed I deserved some time from a vortex that was a senior in high school. And I went into university life almost as an inexperienced student with no money in her name. And with a sudden upsurge of homework, I felt I didn’ t know how to manage my work and learn at the same time …

The period of time allows you to try different jobs, earn some money, and get the experience of working in your resume. Planting good work might even help with planning your future choice. It can help you determine what you really want to examine, or what work you want to continue in the long term ..

4. More Time For Travels.

I don’t like to say \””if\”” all the time, but.

Travel is one of the best ways to do this. It also makes it possible to learn more about itself and gain independence-two important qualities that must be available before the beginning of the university. In addition, travel offers opportunities for work/voluntary participation in other countries. Besides, if you plan to study at the international level, it will give you an idea of what it’s like to be away from home. Maybe you can just find the country that you really want to explore further, and perhaps even study there …

I don’t run a year between high school and university. And while I am grateful for the experience of the university, I regret not looking into the option of having some time before continuing my educational career …