Aptitude is a special skill or ability in a person to perform a particular task in a better way. It differs from general intelligence.Acquired or natural ability (usually measurable with aptitude tests), for learning and proficiency in a specific area or discipline. Aptitude is expressed in interest, and is reflected in current performance which is expected to improve over time with training. It is difficult to say whether a particular aptitude is a product of heredity or of environment.

 Verbal Communication:

  •   Conversational skills
  •   Group Dynamics
  •   Extempore
  •   Public Speakin

Non- Verbal Communication:

Body Language – importance

  •   Facial expressions
  •   Eye contact
  •   Physical expressions
  •   Gestures
  •   Body orientation

Writing Skills:

  •   Creative
  •   Letter
  •   e-Mail
  •   Essay
  •   Report

 Listening Skills:

  •   Importance of listening for Effective Communication
  •   Art of listening

  Reading Skills:

  •   Learning to read
  •   Effective reading techniques
  •   Expression& Intonation practice
  •   Reading fluency