Your Mentor for Success

It was incepted in May 2012 in collaboration with a pioneer in training and developing Human Resource in UK. We are a PLACEMENT training institute built on the bases of profound knowledge and professional expertise is skillful and competent in making clientele’s students  Corporate FIT by training the most important human resource of the nation – Students with utmost efficiency every time.

Team Faras promises its customers trust, responsibility and satisfaction, the fundamental featuresof business partnership success.


Faras Academy for Excellence was commenced with the sole objective of enhancing & augmenting the skills and talents of students and makes them corporate fit. It aims to sharpen the learner and increase his employability by moulding his personality for his better career & living. It was done in collaboration with the KeyStar Training, a pioneer in training and developing Human Resource in UK.




Since 2012, Academy for Excellence has been successfully training students across Tamil Nadu and enabling them work in corporate sectors all over India. Our modules include

Communication Skills

Personality development





We also provide Engineering Tuition for B.E. / B. Tech. and Diploma Maths subjects.


FARAS stands TALL amongst in Competitors in many ways

Activity Based Training:

The modules will be done in ABLM mode – less of theory and more of Application in a Play way methodology

  1. 20:40

In a one hour session, the trainer’s part will be for 20 minutes and the students will perform/ participate/ interact for 40 minutes.

This takes off the shy and hesitation and they will present themselves in class – elimination of Stage Fear

Periodical Tests:

All the students enrolled to FARAS TRAINING will have to attend minimum of 3 exams/tests a year.

  1. Level test – to determine the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS before TRAINING
  2. Interim test – test in the mid of contracted hours to check PROGRESS and for appraisal of students.
  3. FINAL test – this will be conducted at the end of the year to examine the utility and improvement in the students.

Certificate of Participation/ Appreciation will be provided to students who clear with GRADE A


Voluntary Association of Select students (maximum of 100) who wish to sharpen and excel their Leadership skills and enhance their employability rate to succeed in the Corporate World handpicked and trained by Team FARAS.

The students get additional training apart from the modules. It is an Intra-Collegiate activity which organizes various competitions and many co & extra-curricular events whereby creating a healthy competitive spirit to GROW PROFESSIONALLY.

All club activities will be done after College hours and in the weekends. The club members will meet least once a week.

Club Activities:

  • Soft Skills Training
  • Aptitude for Competitive Exams
  • Guest Lectures from Corporates
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Women Empowerment Classes

Add Ons:

The students ORGANISATIONAL & LEADERSHIP abilities will be put to test in REAL time

  • Notice Board Activity
  • Volunteer Movement to Boost PROFESSIONALISM
  • Entrepreneurship (Stall/ Exhibition) Activity
  • Organize/Perform in CULTURAL fest
  • TABLOID (Magazine) Publication

ESOL Certifications:

Interested Students who possess and show progress in Communicative English Skill Training will be provided EXTRA TRAINING and guided to clear up ESOL exam certifications.

  • BEC [Business English Certification] – for College students (irrespective of Stream and Major)
  • YLE [Young learners’ English] – for School children

Our Social Responsibility:


As a notion of FARAS’ SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, we have partnered with “World People Service Centre” an NGO that works tirelessly for the aged and uncared people.

Dr P. Manimaran, Founder of this centre is a National Awardee and Tamil nadu state Awardee for his services to the society.


He will deliver Guest Lectures to the students THRICE a year and involves handpicked volunteers to work with him in his activities which would be organized by FARAS in your esteemed institution. The students will get Certificate of Appreciation at the end of the year.

This action builds the Brand Image of your institution alongside motivates students to render service to the society – CREATE MEANING FOR OUR LIVING


A voluntary association of the youth of Thiruvannamalai district to protect, preserve and conserve the large and small water bodies of the district is Neer Thuligal Iyakkam. We, FARAS and students of Elite actively participate in their cleaning campaigns on weekends.

This is a small act promoted by us to protect our environment and well being

FACULTY Development Programmes

A 3 day to one week training programme conceived for the betterment of STAFF of your institution. Everybody needs BREAK from their routine – TAKE TIME to BECOME PRODUCTIVE.  The workshops would be on

  • Communication at your BEST (English Speaking skills & Writing skills)
  • UNLEASH the Monster Within!! (Personality Development Course)
  • CREATIVITY Empowerment ( NPL & ABLM Training – RELAXATION Module)



When the education system is critically analysed, huge differences could be sited in the standards of knowledge possessed by rural students when compared to the urban. We have now made an attempt to train the students from schools and colleges, in International Standards and make them equally competitive to others for a more standardized living.

We have included Innovative training techniques like Activity-based Training, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and like. Our modules are designed in the way to bring out the students from their shell and move up with flying colours.

The modules will be more of activities that could pull out the students from their stuck seats, it is not just teaching or training but something beyond expected. The realistic and practical approach towards the content of training will enhance the knowledge of the ward to a greater extent.

Guests’ lectures from abroad (Cambridge University) and classes through E-Classes (video conferencing) will also be provided to assure Quality globalized Training.

Placements Assistance and Career Guidance for Higher Education overseas could be done.

The awareness and training along with the academic knowledge that one could obtain in the classroom will make them more proficient and fit for success.


To concise the training would

  • Draw their Self-Image
  • Will make the wards more Efficient
  • Make them Employable
  • Corporate fit
  • A Successful Personality

The years of expertise and proficiency in Human Resource training along with knowledge of the local needs, has made us formulate and customize modules to suit individual needs